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The Viral Group is the first UK Media publisher to combine creativity with cutting edge consumer insights

UK media publisher, The Viral Group, has announced its partnership with leading consumer psychologist, Philip Adcock, in an industry-first move that’s set to put them on the map.

The Viral Group is a Midlands based media publisher with geo-local social media pages on all major platforms that’s amassed a considerable audience since the company’s foundation in the winter of 2019. Backed by two of Britain’s most well-loved actors, Will Mellor and Ralf Little, the company hopes to ‘break the mould’ with their new and unique insight-led offering for businesses and brands.

When asked about the reasons behind the move, CEO of The Viral Group Matt Flint said, “having worked in the marketing industry for the last fifteen years, it became glaringly obvious that most marketers are out of touch. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that most marketers don’t reference data or insights at all when dreaming up their next campaign – instead, most rely on ‘intuition’. But why? It’s a question I have asked myself for a long time. Insights are widely used in business strategy, so why aren’t marketers using them to shape more relatable, targeted campaigns?”

Matt Flint and Phillip Adcock - The Viral Group
Image, left to right:Matt Flint. Phillip Adcock.

“There is a definite need, from both sides of the fence, for adland to be more engaged with the consumer. So, myself, Phillip and the team at TVG put the wheels in motion and here we are – the first media publisher in the UK to provide a service that bridges the divide between brands, businesses and consumers.”

The Viral Group’s new insight-led service for brands and business will combine the power of their social media platforms and local communities with an unmatched understanding of consumer behaviour to precisely position campaigns that are engagement-driven, backed by data and effectively communicate with target markets.

Phillip Adcock said, “By blending our three skillsets together we’re set to change the game and offer brands and businesses the opportunity to stop talking amongst themselves, see people and put them first. We’re building a power-house of creativity, understanding and distribution that’s never been attempted until now.”

The Viral Group has 16 geo-local communities on Tik Tok, Twitter and Facebook and prides itself on its ethical licensing model where content creators are empowered to engage with communities through relatable content.

The Viral Group are also one of few media publishers which hold Tik Tok’s coveted Business Privilege status. A growing number of industry-leading brands such as McDonald’s, Selfridges, Mercedes and even Apple, are all taking advantage of Tik Tok’s ‘invite-only’ facility, which allows brands to enjoy a range of special features.

The company’s team of digital pioneers have helped some of the world’s biggest brands and businesses tap into and connect with ‘hard to reach’, geo-local communities. Through unique insights, The Viral Group’s platforms are able to tune into the mood of a nation, in real-time and create viral content that resonates with the masses.


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