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Time To Talk Day: Tips for Looking After Your Mental Health

Today, (4th February 2021) marks Time to Talk Day – a national awareness day to encourage people to start conversations about mental health and help end the stigma.

We’re all feeling it in some form of another, regardless of age, race or religion. Times are hard. So, to help, we’ve asked our friends at mental health and wellbeing charity, The Kaleidoscope Plus Group (KPG), to offer some advice & tips to help you keep you healthy.

Let’s Chalk About It

To mark the day KPG has created a campaign to get everyone opening up about how their feeling – #ChalkAboutIt

The premis is simple; sometimes it can be hard to start the conversation, so they’re encouraging individuals and families to #ChalkAboutIt instead.

Expressing yourself creatively, can be a really good way of starting the conversation about mental health – you don’t have to be Da Vinci to do it – just grab some chalks, head outside and doodle away.

Let’s brighten up the pavements on this dreary Thursday, have a chat and let people in!

Coronavirus Anxiety: Information & Support

As COVID-19 continues to spread, more and more people are becoming anxious about what it might mean for them and their loved ones.

Although KPG says it’s completely understandable (and normal!) for people to feel anxious, they also urge people to take care of their bodies and minds.

Here are some tips to help manage anxiety from KPG:

  • Stay connected with other people
  • Be physically active
  • Learn new skills
  • Give to others
  • Pay attention to the present moment.

KPG has a whole section on its website, dedicated to in-depth guidance and advice – check it out.

Relaxation Techniques

KPG says that when practising deep relaxation, it is important to be in a quiet, warm place where you will not be disturbed.

The charity encourages people to practice its relaxation programme at least twice a day until you know it off by heart and are able to relax any set of muscles at any time.

Check their tips and exercises out here.

Self Help Toolbox

Seeking support from external organisations like KPG is really important when you have a mental health condition, however, self-help is equally important.

Check out KPG’s top ten tips on a range of subjects to help you better manage and control your personal mental health right here!

Talk 2 Us

mental health

Sometimes you might feel like you need a little more support to take control of your mental health and wellbeing. That’s why KPG founded its accessible and free Talk 2 Us service.

Whether you need expert support or just some friendly guidance and advice, you can access Talk2Us in a way that suits you.

Chat to KPG via telephone, online through their website or directly through Facebook and a member of KPG’s team will be with you as soon as possible to talk.

Call 0800 059 0123
Monday-Sunday between 5pm & 8pm

Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday: 5pm-8pm

Talk2Us is a helpline and messenger support service and is free to use for anyone in the UK. 

Crisis Line

mental health

KPG’s Shout 85258 is a free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging service for anyone in the UK. It’s a place to go to access urgent support if you’re struggling to cope.

To start a conversation, text the word ‘TeamKPG’ to 85258, then you’ll receive 4 automated messages before you’re connected to someone who will listen without judgement.

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