Dr Alex George becomes Youth Mental Health Ambassador Blog

Dr. Alex George has been named the Government’s Youth Mental Health Ambassador

Ex-Love Islander and Doctor, Alex George, has recently been appointed by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as Youth Mental Health Ambassador for the government.

Dr Alex George will be “shaping policy” and advising in support for young people in his role, Downing Street said. 

In a recent post to all of his 1.7 million Instagram followers, Alex wrote: “Never has mental health been as important as now.”

“From schools to universities, the NHS and the wider public, mental health matters.”

In a statement from the The Prime Minister, “the focus of Alex’s role will be on children and young people’s mental health, saying they’ve “heroically adapted” in the pandemic.”

Dr Alex George's meeting with Boris Johnson

“This has understandably had a huge impact on their mental health, so I want to shine a spotlight on this vital issue ahead of their return to school,” 

Since leaving his fellow love islanders back in 2018, Alex has been fighting on the front line like thousands of our NHS heroes at the University Hospital Lewisham’s A&E department in London.

However, sadly last year Alex lost his brother, Llŷr, to suicide.

He said “Nothing will bring my brother back but if I can make a positive impact that saves even one life, it will be worth moving mountains for,”

If you’re an avid follower of Dr Alex, then you’ve probably seen his posts encouraging everything from positive exam season tips to shining light on knife crime.

Last month, Dr Alex George publicly requested to speak to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, about his campaign for better mental health provisions.

Dr Alex George Instagram post - Boris Let's Talk

Alex’s new unpaid position will involve looking at what support is offered to young people in schools, colleges and universities, and advising the government on what more they can do.

He will also use his already existing platform to “signpost the support that is already available”.

The government already has a Loneliness Minister, Baroness Barran, and a Minister for Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Patient Safety, Nadine Dorries.

Alex will be part of the Mental Health in Education Action Group, set up specifically to look at people returning to school after lockdown.

He said: “Right now young people need a voice in government, and I hope that through this role I can advocate for meaningful change in this area.

“I hope to have a positive impact on the lives of young people and their education for good.”

Mental Health Director of NHS England and NHS Improvement, Claire Murdoch, said: “I met Dr Alex recently and was struck by his commitment to the NHS and to the mental health of our nation.”

If you’re in need of urgent support or would like help & advice, please get in touch with The Kaleidoscope Plus Group.

Whether you need immediate support or just feeling a bit down, shout 85258 is a free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging service for anyone in the UK simply text the word ‘TeamKPG’ to 85258.

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