Mum Gives Birth To One Of The UK’s Biggest Ever Babies

Oh, Baby; When first-time mum, Amber Cumberland was pregnant, her bump was so big that her doctors thought she was carrying twins…but oooh no! There was just one, very large baby in there.

Baby Emilia is the second biggest baby girl ever born in the UK, and weighed in at a whopping *crosses legs* 12lb 14oz!

Safely delivered on 16th April 2021, baby Emilia was estimated to weigh 8lb 12oz at her 36-week scan, but despite Dr’s warning of her expected size, she was almost two weeks overdue when mum Amber was induced, where she spent a total of 24 hours in labour until eventually undergoing an emergency C-section.

Speaking about the birth Amber said, “When she came out, Scott’s face was white and all the surgeons were looking at each other in shock and laughing – they brought her to me and said, ‘Congratulations, you’ve had a toddler.

We were just so glad it was only one baby and that she was healthy.”

Scott Joy, Amber’s partner and Emilia’s father – wasn’t permitted to be with Amber during her ordeal until she was in active labour and so he spent a total of 42 hours sitting in the car park on the lead up to the birth.

Amber continued, “During the C-section, it took two people to lift her out and one to hold everything back to get her out.

“The whole outfit we brought didn’t fit her but luckily we had some spare 0-3 month clothes packed and the hospital staff had to hunt down bigger nappies from paediatrics for us.”

Just over 2 weeks after giving birth, Amber said she’s is ‘starting to heal’, but expects the full recovery to ‘take a while’.

“I’m still as uncomfortable as when I was pregnant but I do feel a lot lighter and have no more trapped nerves which I’m very grateful for,” she said.

“We’re both so overjoyed with our gorgeous little girl.”


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