Rebel Nuns Breach COVID Restrictions to Attend Exorcism

I think someone needs to tell these nuns that the rule is: ‘you can leave your house to exercise’ NOT ‘meet a friend to exorcise’. 😂😂😂

When you think about nuns, you probably picture solemn, quiet women dedicated to chastity, obedience and poverty. But apparently, two Irish nuns from Cork don’t give a hoot or a holler about such stereotypes.


In fact, the monastic duo are down and out rebels and are accused of breaching lockdown rules to attend an exorcism at a park in Dublin before taking part in a traditional Latin Mass with around 70 other people outside the Irish Parliament in Dublin on 8th December 2020. 

Father Giacomo Ballini of the Society of St Pius Resistance held a Mass for the crowd at the park. In his speech, he told the congregation that:

“No human power can take away the right to say Mass,”

Did anyone tell him that the world was in the midst of a deadly pandemic? 🤷‍♀️Guessing he missed the memo…

The sisters are part of the order of the Carmelite Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus, and as a result of their apparent disregard for the law have now been ordered to leave their compound near the village of Leap in West Cork by June at the latest.


You might be thinking that they should be given a bit of a break, considering they’re humble servants of God and all, but this isn’t the first time the nuns have found themselves in hot water. In 2019, Mother Irene was convicted of breaching planning regulations at the compound where she resides.

Mother Irene had built a two-story oratory and seven sheds at the site and neglected to acquire proper building permits.

An Irish court ordered her to remove the illegal structures from the property.

In a subsequent hearing, Judge James McNulty said that although the nuns had made “significant steps” to comply with the law by removing most of the illegal structures, they must depart from the compound by June 2021.

People have raised over £63,000 on the sister’s GoFundMe page to help them move to a new retreat. 

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