Tednapped; ‘Happy’ Bear Held to Ransom in Return for Greggs Sausage Rolls

Time is ticking to find the criminals who stole Rainbow, the morale-boosting giant teddy bear from outside a bar in Ayrshire.

Loved by locals, Rainbow could be found sat outside Metro Nightclub in Adrossan holding a sign which read “keep smiling.” He was stolen on Friday night and in his place the thieves left a sinister note that was also posted repeatedly across the town. It read:

We have your bear Rainbow. If you want to see Rainbow again bring me two Greggs sausage rolls to the second green bench at Glebe Park tomorrow at 11am or else.

However, we’ve been told that the folk of Adrossan do not negotiate with tednappers or terrorists and will not meet the criminal’s demands…

…even if they wanted to, the nearest Greggs is closed because of the pandemic 🧐 probably why they’ve taken such drastic action!


Speaking of their despair at Rainbow’s abduction, one townsperson said:

It was fun and seemed to lift community spirit.

The town was given false hope over the weekend when a bear was spotted outside a care home. However, that was found to be another toy called Stormzy, and not Rainbow, so the hunt continues.

Local resident Stu has been organising bear hunts in the hope of finding Rainbow and has been keeping everyone informed via his live videos.

However, the hunt continues and Rainbow is still yet to be found.

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