A woman reacts to hilarious footage of her sleepwalking on TikTok

A woman reacts to CCTV footage of her sleepwalking in hilarious TikTok clips

TikTok user @Celinaspookyboo racks up millions of views after her husband installed security cameras to catch her sleepwalking antics.

Sleeping is usually a peaceful event, but not for TikTok user @Celinaspookyboo who has been showing users what it’s like to be a sleepwalker.

@Celinaspookyboo on TikTok
Celina says this clip is her favourite one yet

Author and podcaster Celina, shared the absolutely hilarious clips online after her husband installed CCTV cameras to catch her bizarre shenanigans.

In one amusing clip that went viral, we see a sleepwalking Celina ecstatic with herself as she’s grabbing cans of drinks from the kitchen, then taking them outside in the snow and feeding them to her lawn.

Sleepwalking tiktok user grabs drinks to feed her lawn
@Celinaspookyboo franticly grabs drinks from the kitchen

Still bursting with excitement, she runs back inside to grab more items to feed her lawn with, after saying “it’s like a moose knuckle.” We have since discovered that this is the male equivalent of a camel toe.

Celina’s antics were soon noticed by a passerby, who appeared absolutely baffled by her weird behaviour, but tried to make sense of it a number of times, then eventually moved along on his way.

Sleepwalking tiktok user grabs drinks to feed her lawn and is caught by a man walking
Fans found it hilarious when a passerby caught Celina in the act.

One user commented: “Oh please let that man see this video, I guarantee he needs closure 😂 otherwise he’s still sitting at home wondering wth was going on.”

Another amused user added: “thinking about this from the man’s perspective makes this unbearably funny.”

However, not all viewers found the TikTokker’s events comical and expressed their cause for concern: “These videos actually make me really scared for you as funny as they can be…please be safe. It’s such a scary world and this could’ve ended badly.”

A second user commented: “You need to put a child lock on your door”

Celina ressaured fans that her husband, Adam, “is a light sleeper and is up when I am.”

In some videos, Adam often has to rescue her when she runs around in the middle of the night, after buying cameras for both inside and outside their home.

Celina, who captioned the video as “I remember dreaming about a pool party”, says she can sleepwalk for more than an hour at a time and is often triggered by chocolate, cheese and stress.


I remember dreaming about a pool party

♬ original sound – Celinaspookyboo

In other hilarious clips, we see the sleepwalker fighting a stuffed toy octopus, passing wind, sprinkling sunflower seeds on her living room floor, gifting her plant a wig after tearing a leaf off and sleepwalking with her sleepwalking brother!

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