Why One Midwife Is Going Viral For Her Demonstrations Of The Female Body

An American Midwife has taken to social media to teach people about all things women’s health and the internet is obsessed.

Sarah Pringle, who guys by the tag of midwifemama81 on TikTok has been educating her fans about everything from sanitary products to where and what doctors look for during a pelvic exam.

Most of midwife Sarah’s videos are watched by at least a few hundred thousand people, but the one that demonstrated what a cervix looks like when it’s dilated during childbirth exploded and is currently sitting at over 10million views.

Speaking about her ‘educational’ videos, Sarah from Illinois said, “I realized that people want to know about their bodies and their health. This led me to create educational content featuring common office procedures, women’s health products, and the basics of childbirth”

Some of Sarah’s ‘go to’ midwifery propos include a model pelvis, cervix and a stuffed placenta, which are all used to help people understand the birthing process.


She also shares her insights into what things you can expect to see at an Obstetrician’s office, like a fetal heart rate monitor.

Sarah continued by attributing her rising popularity to people being fascinated by seeing the unknown. “People are intrigued by the human body in general, and especially with childbirth.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but that will teach me and my morbid fascinations! That’s MORE than enough internet for today…


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