Will Mellor taking a selfie in Plymouth by the harbour

Where There’s A Will featured on Plymouth Live, and the response was incredible.

On Friday 14th February, not only was it a day to celebrate all things love, but it was also the video premiere of ‘Where There’s A Will’. Starring the Two Pints of Lager legend, Will Mellor, featured on our very own, Plymouth Viral!

The short film was a huge success and created a wealth of excitement amongst past and present residents of Plymouth! The video receieved a multitude of positive comments across social media, with 500k+ people reached, 50k engagements, 116k views and counting. Will’s witty humour and lovable character made for a great watch and was sure to educate those who are yet to visit Plymouth, whilst reigniting memories for those who have spent time there in the past. The comments left on the feature say it all really, see for yourself….

Need to use this as Plymouth’s new advertising campaign 🤣

Loved it wish I had been around x

Well done Will putting Plymouth on the map x

Here at The Viral Group, we pride ourselves on creating humorous, feel-good and geo-local content to bring communities together and discuss their absolute favourite things about their wonderful city. We want to use our platform to spread the upmost positivity to all, boast about the beauty of our country and reinforce the importance of community.

Within the Plymouth Live article, it has been mentioned that Plymothians were ‘buzzing’ when they spotted Will on his adventure. If you didn’t know already, Will is going to be travelling to a variety of cities to experience what they have to offer. Will you meet him on his next adventure?

We’re giving you the chance to spot Will on his quest around the country. So, keep an eye out for some information on his next location, and let the games begin. Be sure to use the #WhereTheresAWill and share your snaps with us across social media.

If you’ve been living under a rock and are yet to see what Will Mellor got up to in Plymouth, check out the video below. 👇

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