Face masks made compulsory on public transport

Coronavirus: Face masks to be made compulsory on public transport in the UK

The Future of Public Transport: Face masks have been made compulsory on public transport.

Let’s go back to March 23rd when the Government announced it was placing the UK into full lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fast forward to today, 4th June, when the Government’s transport secretary has recently announced that wearing face masks will be compulsory on public transport in England from the 15th June.

Since lockdown began people have been wearing face coverings to protect themselves against the fight of COVID-19 and stop the spread. This new update comes as the UK recorded the deaths of another 176 people who tested positive for the virus, which has now taken the number of deaths in the UK to 39,904.

At the daily coronavirus briefing, Grant Shapps said face coverings would be “a condition of travel” and not wearing one could ultimately lead to a fine.

Woman wearing face mask

Whilst many of us have been wearing the blue disposable face masks for many weeks now, it’s important to note that it has been said that surgical masks and other forms of PPE must be kept for clinical settings. As an alternative, travellers should wear face masks that can be made at home.

General secretary of train drivers’ union Aslef, Mick Whelan, has welcomed the announced after dozens of transport workers have died after contracting COVID-19 saying it was a “sensible step”.

Although research on face coverings is limited, they have been listed as fundamental in reducing the chances of infecting others.

Let’s see how you can make your own face mask:

All you’ll need a 50cm square bandana and 1-inch elastic bands or hair ties.

  1. Lay the bandana out flat
  2. Fold the cloth in half
  3. Fold the top third down and then fold the bottom up to meet it.
  4. Thread through the two elastic bands, ensuring they are 12cm apart.
  5. Finally, fold each side to the middle and tuck into the folds.

For more information about the recent updates surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, visit: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

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