Will Mellor wearing a Christmas Santa hat

We Will Make Christmas with Will Mellor

Midlands based viral media publisher, The Viral Group has teamed up with Staffs marketing agency, Yogurt Top and sitcom legend, Will Mellor to bring festive cheer to small businesses up and down the country this year with their latest campaign.

The ‘We Will make Christmas’ campaign aims to encourage the Great British public to shop small this year and support independent businesses over global corporations.

Through a series of user-generated, heart-warming videos of small independent businesses, narrated and shared by Two Pints star, Will Mellor, it’s hoped that the campaign will give businesses a helping hand when it comes to raising their brand awareness and sales ahead of the festive season.

Speaking about the campaign, CEO of Yogurt Top & The Viral Group, Matt Flint said, “Small business owners have been through an extraordinarily tough year. They’ve fought hard to continue supporting their customers through the challenges that the pandemic has brought all of us, so we want to give some of these amazing businesses the opportunity to share their messages and build their brands via The Viral Group’s social media pages.”

Will Mellor continued,

“Lockdown has been so tough on everyone, especially businesses that are trying to stay afloat. Small, independent businesses are about so much more than making money; they keep communities together, support local people when they need it most. When you buy from a small business you’re not helping a CEO buy a new Ferrari, you’re helping a little boy get his favourite book, a teenager learn to drive, a family put food on the table. Behind every small business is a family and that matters more than ever right now. We Will make Christmas has been created to help keep small, independent businesses front of mind throughout these uncertain times.”

Despite the lure of the internet, Yogurt Top, The Viral Group & Will Mellor believe that nothing can beat the positive experience of buying from a local independent retailer and knowing that money spent in a local shop will in turn be spent in the local economy. Independent retailers are part of the community and need the support of shoppers now more than ever.

If you’re a small business or independent retailer and want to get involved, simply submit video footage of you and your business that showcases the brilliant work that you do to media@theviralgroup.co.uk for a chance to be featured in a series of heart-warming videos that will be shared far and wide between now and Christmas. 📸

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