This Harry Potter inspired broomstick will make all your muggle dreams come true!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s two men flying around Sao Paulo, each on a Harry Potter inspired broomstick!

Yes…you really did read that right!

Two Harry Potter super-fans, Alessandro Russo & Henrique Suarez have created the first functional prototype for a motorised broomstick that will make all your muggle dreams come true! AND, just in time for Christmas too.

Russo and Suarez’s company is called Nuvem Vassouras (Nuvem in Portuguese means cloud and vassouras translates to brooms) and so far their Instagram page has amassed just over 3,000 fans; all eagerly awaiting the broom’s official release, which is expected to cost around $250 USD apiece. 

In motion, the contraptions look like it’s straight out of a Harry Potter set.

To steer, the rider simply leans in the direction they wish to travel. Whilst it takes a bit of practice at first (so we’re told), the broomsticks, which can reach top speeds of 37 mph, are an undoubtedly useful mode of transport for day-to-day urban living.

“Actually, I tell my friends that now I only go to the bakery using my broom. But it’s not a joke. I actually do that,” said Mr Russo, whose waistcoat and golden tie would not be out of place at Hogwarts, the school of magic attended by the character Harry Potter. “I use my broom as a means of transportation nowadays. And it’s so fun. 

Image: Mr Suarez & Mr Russo

Mr Suarez & Mr Russo hope that someday soon people will be able to play a game using the brooms that closely resembles Quidditch, the popular sport in Rowling’s magical universe.

“Our final goal is to sell the brooms to the world and maybe create a new variation of Quidditch,” said Mr Russo. “And it’ll look a lot like the one played in the Harry Potter movies.”

Sign me up! 

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