Gorilla Glue

Tessica Brown’s Gorilla Glue Saga has a Happy Ending

Tessica Brown is the woman that the internet coined ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ after she went viral for using Gorilla glue as a substitute for hairspray and documented it!

Over the last few days the world looked on as Brown desperately searched for help and we’re relieved to say she’s finally on the way to have it removed via a gruelling procedure in Beverly Hills, California.

The LA-based plastic surgeon Brown has to thank is Dr Michael Obeng, who has generously offered to treat her for free after seeing her sticky situation online.

During the three-day procedure the 40-year-old mother-of-five, from Louisiana, will be placed under light anaesthesia to free her stuck scalp at the Beverly Hills clinic.

Dr Obeng, the director of MiKO Plastic Surgery, has created a solution to dissolve the main ingredient in Gorilla Glue, polyurethane.

“Initially I thought it was a joke!” he said.

“We figured out the science of how to break it down.”

Dr Obeng said he created a concoction of medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and a dash of acetone to help remove the glue from Brown’s scalp.

After the first procedure, Brown appeared to be emotional in footage of her after the op.

“I can scratch it. I wish I’d have waited for my little sister to cut my ponytail off!”

“It’s over… over…over,” she said

However, Dr Obeng warned that Brown’s disastrous styling experiment was “no joke”.

“She is very very lucky she did not sustain a lot of injuries to her scalp,” he said. “This type of ordeal is no joke.”

Dr Obeng also added that the predicament had taken a huge mental and physical toll on Brown.

He said:

“The many nights that she couldn’t, sleep, the anxiety. Right before surgery, we had to give her medication to relax her. She’s been through a lot.”

Gorilla Glue has come under fire on social media for not ‘doing enough’ to help Brown and has only ever issued the below statement.

A GoFundMe for Brown’s medical bills and wigs for hair has reached $20,385.

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