Stockton boy puts the ‘happy’ in Happy Meal

A six-year-old boy has sparked an incredibly heartwarming chain of events at a McDonald’s drive-through – putting a whole new meaning in the McDonalds Happy Meal.

Blake Durham from Stockton-on-Tees was ordering breakfast when he told his mum he “wanted to do something kind.”

Happy Meal
Six year old Blake Durham

Blake then told the McDonalds worker at the drive through that he would like to buy food for the man in the car behind.

From there an incredible chain of events ensued with car after car paying for the meal of those behind them.

Blake said he wanted to make the man in the car behind “happy and let him have a good day.”

Happy Meal

Blake’s mum, Amy, said her little boy loves to “make other people happy” and “that’s all he ever wants to do.”

She added: “I could see the man behind and the smile on his face and I said ‘look how happy you’ve made that man,’ he was beaming.

“It was just so lovely, such a lovely feeling.”

Blake was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was just two years old, but his grandma Jan said she’s proud of the way he has handled the condition and how he continues to go above and beyond to look after other people.

Jan said: “He’s such a little brave boy with a massive heart of gold.

“He does suffer, but he’s just so kind and gentle.”

She also described him as an “amazing, beautiful, kind boy who fights his epilepsy like a warrior.”

Since his diagnosis, Blake has been admitted to hospital three times in a critical condition and he has been unwell during lockdown. But despite his own struggles, he puts his own challenges aside to look out for others.

Well, isn’t that just a beautiful story. I think we could all be a little bit more like Blake couldn’t we? Blake, YOU are our hero.

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