Revealed; The UK’S Biggest Bedtime Bugbears

Is there anything better than snuggling up in a nice cosy bed after a long day?

While some of us will nod straight off, others use the quiet time before bed to wind down with a good book or a bit of TV.

But sometimes our partners can ruin these peaceful moments with some very irritating habits.

A new survey of 1000 people by BedGuru has revealed the nation’s biggest bedtime bugbears – and it’s fair to say that we’re all probably guilty of some of them.


What are the Nation’s Biggest Bedtime Bugbears?

According to the survey, eating in bed in the Number 1 pet hate between couples. With nearly 42% confessing to scoffing snacks between the sheets, and nearly 41% admitting they find it annoying when their partners do it. 
Nearly half (43.69%) said they’d rather sleep in the spare room than put up with their partner repeatedly chomping food in bed. 

  1. Eating food in bed – 40.61%
  2. Leaving clothes on the floor – 38.08%
  3. Snoring – 35.76
  4. Not making the bed – 35.15%
  5. Duvet Hogging – 26.26%
  6. Leaving the bedroom light on at night – 25.45%
  7. Not closing wardrobes or drawers properly – 24.34%
  8. Passing wind in bed 18.38%
  9. Not washing duvet or pillowcases regularly – 16.46%
  10. Setting too many wake up alarms – 13.43%
  11. Playing on the phone at bedtime – 13.13%
  12. Twitching whilst asleep – 12.02%

Are you guilty of any of these annoying habits? Or is there anything that you find particularly annoying that hasn’t made the top 12? We’d love to know.

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