Ralf Little Spends Valentine’s Day with Someone Very Special… Meet Dora

If you’re looking for a story to banish the Monday blues then we have just the ticket – our very own Ralf Little took to Twitter last night to share the incredible story about how he met his darling Dora.

Now, before you start searching for this mystery woman, we should probably tell you that Dora is actually a puppy. In fact, she’s an abandoned street puppy from Guadeloupe 😭😭😭

Dora first ran into Ralf’s heart when she was found on the set of Death in Paradise. At first, the costume department took her in and cared for her whilst trying to arrange for her to be taken back to the UK where she could be adopted…but then COVID restrictions changed everything on the day the crew were supposed to leave.

They were forced to make a heart breaking decision.

They had to leave little Dora behind…

Ralf to the Rescue

Being a big softy at heart, Ralf couldn’t just bring himself to leave her there, alone, neglected and afraid.

He said,

“I stepped in so she didn’t go to a shelter- I asked my friends who own the restaurant L’escale to care for her until we could hatch a plan. More COVID restrictions meant we couldn’t go get her, so Dora was flown freeight to the French side of St. Martin, where the amazing rescue centre @sxm_paws picked her up & brought her to a wonderful vet (Dr. Ruth at the Island Vet) where she stayed the night.

The next day @sxm_paws brought her to the Dutch side of St. Martin, checked her in cargo, where she flew freight to Miami.”

Ralf literally moved mountains to make sure he and Dora could be together.

He continued:

“8 million texts, emails, calls, my friend Brendan Pelsue translating all the French, my other half’s cousin explaining that we needed to hire a Customs Broker, and 2 nights in Miami later… Dora is now an American citizen. She’s been with us a week, chilling with us on the beach in Florida, getting trained & used to cats. 🐱 🐶 🌴 THANK YOU to everyone who helped. It took a VILLAGE for this rescue and we are so lucky that so many people helped us figure out what was arguably the most confusing thing we’ve ever done.

It’s warmed my heart in these weird times that so many people helped us save this little street dog. Happy Valentine’s Day – love comes”

Ralf, his partner & Dora are now together in the sunshine state and we’re told that she’s loving life with her new human family 💕

What a story. What a man. Ralf – you, are a legend!

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