Oh No She Didn’t; Woman Paints Boyfriend’s Xbox as a Gift for Valentine’s

Most of us would love nothing more than a thoughtful homemade Valentine’s day present this year – I mean, it would make a change from the usual petrol station flowers and naff card, wouldn’t it? But, one woman has got it oh so wrong with a very special ‘painting’ for her boyfriend.

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s sweet”! But oh no – it’s really not. Not when you realise her canvas was his Xbox 😳

In a video on Tik Tok, Hayley painted a night sky and motivational message across her boyfriend’s beloved console as a gift for Valentine’s day!


I saw this girl paint her ps5 and I thought it was a cute idea for v-day🥰❤️ #paint #xbox #gamer #surprise #valentinesday

♬ adore you x needy – Jurk

Speaking about the source of her inspo, Hayley said:

I saw this girl paint her PS5 and I thought it was a cute idea for V-day

Hayley’s video has been watched over 4 million times and the demands soon flooded in for her to film her boyfriend’s reaction. Naturally, she obliged…

In the follow-up film, she did as requested and handed over the Pièce de résistance.

I hope he loves it. She’s gorgeous. Now let’s wait to surprise him.’ she said, before heading over to him to hand over the gift.


Early vday gift vibes. Showing my bf his Xbox I customized for him #xbox #paint #boyfriend #aries #customize

♬ original sound – hayley

At first, her fella seemed to take Hayley’s homemade gift on the chin, but by the end of the clip, he didn’t look too happy!

Are you mad? Hayley asked.

‘Bro he is dying inside!! one person wrote, with another adding: ‘He is holding back tears. And you think he’s impressed?’

+DISCLAIMER: Please don’t try this at home. We have it on good authority that if you don’t use items like primer, sandpaper, gloss etc. you could end up damaging the device and getting paint into the vents which, if overheated, can be dangerous. You might even find yourself single – which given everything that’s going on right now, wouldn’t be ideal…

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