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WARNING ADULT CONTENT: Fans think new Netflix movie is even hotter than 50 Shades!

Netflix’s erotic new movie, 365 DNI, has divided opinion with its extremely graphic sex scenes.   

The polish film, which aired on Netflix on June 7th, tells the story of a fiery businesswoman who’s kidnapped and imprisoned against her will by a mafia boss and features scenes of BDSM, voyeurism and kinky sex. So, if you’re seeking a thrill in the bedroom, this film would be perfect for date night. But, if you’re bored, single, and lockdown has made you a bit sexually frustrated, you might want to give this one a miss… 


Now, you might be thinking… ‘it’s just another romantic movie’. WRONG – there’s A LOT of action in this film, if you get what we mean. So, if a quick midnight missionary romp isn’t totally rocking your world, this film may just give you a few ideas that could spice your love life. (Or the material to ride solo.) 

Not everyone is happy after watching the new movie though, with Netflix receiving some backlash and not the type of lashing you’re thinking about. One user even took to Twitter to say “#365dni this movie is wrong on so many levels if Massimo didn’t look like this y’all would be scared of him.” 

During the steamy movie, Laura is given 365 days to fall in love with the mysterious Massimo, but here’s where things get interesting… there’s tonnes of intimate scenes and we mean tonnes. But is it romanticising Stockholm Syndrome? 

Now, we’re not saying that the odd Fifty Shades of Grey vibe is a bad thing, but this would even give Christian Grey himself a run for his money! With some viewers even speculating whether the actors were actually having sex, due to how realistic the scene were! 

As you can imagine, people have taken to Twitter to express their views and ‘frustrations’ revealing just how hot under the collar the movie made them, with people expressing their own 365 fantasies.  

And, in true Twitter-style there were a lot of memes, some even went as far as begging Massimo to kidnap them! 

So, there you have it. 365 DNI. 

HINT: It’s probably best you don’t mention this film on family movie night, things could get a little awkward. 

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