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BREAKING: Chester Zoo to reopen from June 15th

Chester Zoo along with other zoos, safari parks and drive-in cinemas will be allowed to reopen in England from next week – good news for zoo and animal lovers! Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is said to make the big announcement to the nation on June 10th when the zoo will be celebrating its 89th birthday. 

It’s expected that in the PM’s daily briefing, Boris Johnson will outline the latest step in the easing of the coronavirus lockdown, which will include the reopening of all outdoor attractions, providing that they can follow social distancing rules. 

Indoor exhibitions such as reptile house will remain closed due to the higher risk of coronavirus transmission, however other facilities like cafes will be allowed open if they follow the Government’s wider guidance and offer take-away services only. 

Since Chester Zoo announced their financial struggles and concerns for their beloved animals across their socials last week, the nation has rallied together to help the zoo survive post lockdown with a whopping £3 million plus being raised in less than a week. 

A Downing Street official said: “People are continuing to make huge sacrifices to reduce the spread of coronavirus and avoid a second spike, but we know it is tough and where we can safely open up more attractions, and it is supported by the science, we will do so.” 

“This is by necessity a careful process, but we hope the reopening of safari parks and zoos will help provide families with more options to spend time outdoors while supporting the industry caring for these incredible animals.” 

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