Virtual ideas to get festive

8 Fun (Virtual) Ideas To Help You Feel A Bit More Festive

Not quite feeling the Christmas vibes yet? Not surprising really given the horrendous year we’ve had. So, to save the spirit of the season, we’ve rounded up 8 fun virtual activities to inspire you and get you feeling festive.

1. Play games online

Board games and Christmas go hand in hand, but it’s hard playing a game socially distanced- so why not do it virtually? Just pick a time and play together on Board Game Arena. Just promise not to sulk if you lose!


2. Online festive pub quiz

We know you might be a bit sick of the old zoom quizzes by know, but it’s Christmas! Stop being a grinch and get involved. Simply choose a quizmaster, decide on a subject, add in some half time festive drinks (if you’re over 18 obvs) and Bob’s your uncle.

3. Netflix Party

Is it even Christmas, if you don’t binge-watch Christmas movies? But, it’s never as much fun on your own, so invite some friends and family to watch with you (virtually of course)! With Teleparty (the new name for Netflix party) you need never watch Elf by yourself again!

netflix watch party

4. Decorate your desk

If you are working from home, decorating your desk is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. It will certainly make video calls that bit more interesting to see who’s made the most effort.

5. Christmas jumper day

Grab your favourite Christmas jumper to make virtual celebrations more fun! Why not have a competition to find the ugliest Christmas jumper with the winner receiving a prize!

festive jumper dog

6. Virtual festive Bingo

Nothing beats a good old game of Bingo. It is also a game that is easy to play virtually. Think about some prizes for the winners, and get your eyes down, with free virtual Bingo website such as My Free Bingo Card.

7. Christmas Song Charades

You don’t have to wait until after Christmas lunch to play festive charades. Simply agree on the rules and use Christmas as a theme! Anything festive goes, films, songs or books – the list is endless.

8. Secret Santa

Virtual or not, the Christmas season isn’t complete without a Secret Santa. With Secret Santa Generator you can easily set up a group and draw names. You have the option to enter your address and with the gift finder, it is easy to send the perfect prezzie without even leaving the sofa!

What are you waiting for, get involved and enjoy the festivities? We know this year’s been tough and it might be hard to feel Christmassy right now, but a little bit of tinsel and some baubles go a very long way.

Merry Christmas.

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